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Application ID No.Lodgement DateProposal DescriptionCategoryProperty Address
PSUB22/00829/08/2022Subdivision x 2 SPEARSubdivision Certification Application41-59 Colemans Road DANDENONG SOUTH VIC 3175
PLA22/00768/08/2022AMENDMENT TO: Use of the land for a place of assembly (function centre) and a reduction in the car parking requirements DECLARED AREA (PLN22/0026)Planning Permit Amendment (Section 72)181-183 Lonsdale Street DANDENONG VIC 3175
PLA22/00778/08/2022AMENDMENT TO: Development of the land for alterations and additions to an existing car showroom and the erection and display of business identification signage SEE CHILD PROCESS (PLN20/0519)Planning Permit Amendment (Section 72)55 Lonsdale Street DANDENONG VIC 3175
PLN22/03788/08/2022Buildings and Works (Warehouse Extension) and Reduction in Car Parking Requirements VICSMARTVicSmart Planning Permit2-10 Nina Link DANDENONG SOUTH VIC 3175
PLN22/03687/08/2022Buildings and Works (Warehouse Extension)Planning Permit101 Box Street DANDENONG VIC 3175

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