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Application ID No.Lodgement DateProposal DescriptionCategoryProperty Address
PLN23/002027/01/2023Buildings and Works (1 x Single Storey Dwelling) VICSMARTVicSmart Planning Permit627 Springvale Road SPRINGVALE SOUTH VIC 3172
PLN23/001824/01/2023Buildings and works (Alterations to shop front) and to erect and display an electronic, illuminated business identification sign VICSMARTVicSmart Planning Permit25A Buckingham Avenue SPRINGVALE VIC 3171
PLN23/001624/01/2023Change of Use (Restricted Retail Premises)Planning Permit24-26 Podmore Street DANDENONG VIC 3175
PLN23/001123/01/2023Subdivision x 3 SPEARPlanning Permit20 Hillside Avenue DANDENONG NORTH VIC 3175
PLN23/001723/01/2023Signage (Business Identification)Planning Permit321 Greens Road KEYSBOROUGH VIC 3173
PLA23/000323/01/2023AMENDMENT TO: Use and development of the land for a Telecommunications Facility (PLN21/0705)Planning Permit Amendment (Section 72)2A John Street DANDENONG VIC 3175
PSUB23/000423/01/2023Subdivision x 3 SPEARSubdivision Certification Application20 Hillside Avenue DANDENONG NORTH VIC 3175
PLN21/0580.0120/01/2023Development of the land for three (3) double storey dwellingsPlanning Permit7 Pau Street NOBLE PARK VIC 3174
PLN23/000920/01/2023Subdivision x 2 SPEARPlanning Permit62 Halton Road NOBLE PARK NORTH VIC 3174
PLN23/001020/01/2023Multi Dwelling Development x 2 (Single Storey) ExistingPlanning Permit1/1513 Heatherton Road DANDENONG NORTH VIC 3175
PLA23/000119/01/2023AMENDMENT TO: Development of the land for one (1) double storey dwelling to the rear of an existing dwelling with alterations and additions to the existing dwelling, and subdivision of the land into two (2) lots (PLN22/0016)Planning Permit Amendment (Section 72)121 Kelvinside Road NOBLE PARK VIC 3174
PLN23/001219/01/2023Change of Use (Service Station) and associated buildings and works, signage and alteration to a Road Zone Category 2Planning Permit138 Police Road SPRINGVALE VIC 3171
PSUB23/000316/01/2023Subdivision x 2 SPEARSubdivision Certification Application62 Halton Road NOBLE PARK NORTH VIC 3174
PLN23/000816/01/2023Multi Dwelling Development x 2 (Double Storey) NewPlanning Permit76 Hanleth Avenue SPRINGVALE VIC 3171
PLN23/000716/01/2023Subdivision of land into two (2) lots SPEAR (VICSMART)VicSmart Planning Permit14 Kelly Court SPRINGVALE VIC 3171

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