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Application ID No.Lodgement DateProposal DescriptionCategoryProperty Address
PLN23/051528/11/2023Subdivision x 113 SPEAR (DECLARED AREA)Planning Permit27 Scott Street DANDENONG VIC 3175
PLN23/052828/11/2023Buildings and Works (Ski Stage)Planning Permit5 Riverend Road BANGHOLME VIC 3175
PLN23/052728/11/2023Change of Use (Container Deposit Centre)Planning Permit1658 Centre Road SPRINGVALE VIC 3171
PSUB23/014328/11/2023Subdivision x 2 SPEARSubdivision Certification Application7 Agana Avenue NOBLE PARK VIC 3174
PSUB23/014227/11/2023Subdivision x 3 SPEARSubdivision Certification Application107 Herbert Street DANDENONG VIC 3175
PLN23/052527/11/2023Subdivision of the land into three (3) lots SPEAR (VICSMART)VicSmart Planning Permit107 Herbert Street DANDENONG VIC 3175
PLN23/052427/11/2023Buildings and Works (Retaining walls) VICSMARTVicSmart Planning Permit21 Assembly Drive DANDENONG SOUTH VIC 3175
PLN23/052327/11/2023Buildings and Works (Asphalt vehicle parking) VICSMARTVicSmart Planning Permit31 Assembly Drive DANDENONG SOUTH VIC 3175
PSUB23/014124/11/2023Subdivision x 4 SPEARSubdivision Certification Application63 Herbert Street DANDENONG VIC 3175
PLA23/009524/11/2023AMENDMENT TO: Development of the land for a warehouse and service station, advertising signage, alteration of access to a road in a Road Zone Category 1, subdivision of the land and creation of easement (PLN18/0278) (Address: 533-551 Frankston Dandenong Road, Dandenong South)Planning Permit Amendment (Section 72)2/533 Frankston Dandenong Road DANDENONG SOUTH VIC 3175
PLN23/052024/11/2023Subdivision x 2 SPEARPlanning Permit45 Bangholme Road BANGHOLME VIC 3175
PLN23/052224/11/2023Subdivision x 4 SPEARPlanning Permit63 Herbert Street DANDENONG VIC 3175
PLN23/052124/11/2023Development of the land for a Warehouse VICSMARTVicSmart Planning Permit16 Hilton Street DANDENONG VIC 3175
PLN23/051924/11/2023Multi Dwelling Development x 3 (Double Storey) NewPlanning Permit117 Ann Street DANDENONG VIC 3175
PSUB23/014023/11/2023Subdivision x 2 SPEARSubdivision Certification Application2 Holly Avenue DANDENONG NORTH VIC 3175