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Application ID No.Lodgement DateProposal DescriptionCategoryProperty Address
PLA24/00352/04/2024AMENDMENT TO: Building and Works (Infill entrance canopy) and Signage (Internally illuminated signage and Pole Sign) (PLN23/0365)Planning Permit Amendment (Section 72)13-37 Lonsdale Street DANDENONG VIC 3175
PSUB24/00352/04/2024Consolidation SPEARSubdivision Certification Application1536-1538 Heatherton Road DANDENONG VIC 3175
PLN24/009727/03/2024Buildings and Works (Skylight) VICSMARTVicSmart Planning Permit23-25 Surrey Road DANDENONG NORTH VIC 3175
PLN24/009927/03/2024Subdivision of the land into two (2) lots SPEAR (VICSMART) DECLARED AREAVicSmart Planning Permit14 George Street DANDENONG VIC 3175
PLN24/009527/03/2024Subdivision of the land into two (2) lots SPEAR (VICSMART)VicSmart Planning Permit27A Grace Park Avenue SPRINGVALE VIC 3171
PLN24/007815/03/2024Display one (1) internally illuminated business identification signPlanning PermitParkmore Shop Z03 3Z/317-321 Cheltenham Road KEYSBOROUGH VIC 3173
PLN24/008115/03/2024Subdivision of the land into three (3) lots SPEARPlanning Permit10 Boyd Street DANDENONG NORTH VIC 3175
PLN24/007914/03/2024To construct or carry out works to the existing fire station facility and to construct a rear fence exceeding 1.2m in heightPlanning Permit43-49 Buckley Street NOBLE PARK VIC 3174
PLN24/006713/03/2024Subdivision of the land into four (4) lots SPEARPlanning Permit18 Bessemer Street SPRINGVALE VIC 3171
PLN24/00718/03/2024Buildings and works (mezzanine) VICSMARTVicSmart Planning Permit8/3 Olive Grove KEYSBOROUGH VIC 3173
PLN24/004427/02/2024Subdivision of the land into two (2) lots and creation of Party Wall Easement E-2 SPEARPlanning Permit52 Lawn Road NOBLE PARK VIC 3174
PLN24/004722/02/2024Subdivision of the land into six (6) lots SPEARPlanning Permit40 Power Street DANDENONG VIC 3175
PLN24/004220/02/2024Subdivision of the land into three (3) lots SPEARPlanning Permit3 Cullimore Court DANDENONG VIC 3175
PLA24/001816/02/2024AMENDMENT TO: Multi Unit Development x 4 (Double Storey) (PLN11/0060)Planning Permit Amendment (Section 72)147 Corrigan Road NOBLE PARK VIC 3174
PLA24/001915/02/2024AMENDMENT TO: Development of the land for a single dwelling and associated shed and the removal of native vegetation (PLN23/0223)Planning Permit Amendment (Section 72)27 Homestead Road BANGHOLME VIC 3175