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Application ID No.Lodgement DateProposal DescriptionCategoryProperty Address
PLN22/034118/07/2022Display business identification signage VICSMARTVicSmart Planning Permit1F MacKay Street SPRINGVALE SOUTH VIC 3172
PLA22/004730/05/2022AMENDMENT TO: Development of the land for two (2) double storey dwellings (PLN21/0237)Planning Permit Amendment (Section 72)1 Glynda Street DANDENONG VIC 3175
PLN22/023618/05/2022Subdivision of land into three (3) lots SPEARPlanning Permit43 Hope Street SPRINGVALE VIC 3171
PLN22/02064/05/2022Display internally illuminated and non-illuminated business identification signage exceeding 8m²Planning Permit43-63 Princes Highway DANDENONG SOUTH VIC 3175
PLN22/02074/05/2022Display a business identification pylon signPlanning Permit100-130 Abbotts Road DANDENONG SOUTH VIC 3175
PLN22/017921/04/2022To display signage (Internally Illuminated, business identification, major promotion, promotion, high wall, panel, sky sign, bunting signs, pole signs)Planning Permit757 Taylors Road DANDENONG SOUTH VIC 3175
PLA22/00324/04/2022AMENDMENT TO: Buildings and Works (Alterations & Additions to Existing Car Showroom) (PLN20/0142)Planning Permit Amendment (Section 72)13-37 Lonsdale Street DANDENONG VIC 3175
PSUB22/002228/03/2022Subdivision x 3 SPEARSubdivision Certification Application7 Lodge Street NOBLE PARK VIC 3174
PLA22/002522/03/2022AMENDMENT TO: Development of the land for four (4) double storey dwellings (PLN19/0526)Planning Permit Amendment (Section 72)39 Amiel Street SPRINGVALE VIC 3171
PLN22/00919/03/2022Development of the land for two (2) single storey dwellingsPlanning Permit1 McNab Court DANDENONG VIC 3175
PLN22/007423/02/2022To display signs (including internally illuminated business identification signs and an internally illuminated business identification pylon sign)Planning Permit1-5 Thomas Murrell Crescent DANDENONG SOUTH VIC 3175
PLN22/00517/02/2022Development of the land for three (3) dwellings (two (2) double storey dwellings and one (1) single storey dwelling to the rear)Planning Permit4 Esk Court DANDENONG VIC 3175
PLN22/003025/01/2022Buildings and Works (Warehouse x 12) (Future Property: 6 Bramley Street, Dandenong)Planning Permit1/64 Bennet Street DANDENONG VIC 3175
PLN21/061629/10/2021Subdivision of the land into three (3) lots and to create a restriction SPEARPlanning Permit525-527 Hammond Road DANDENONG SOUTH VIC 3175
PLN21/053922/09/2021Development of the land for a double-storey dwelling to the side of an existing dwelling and alterations and additions to the existing dwellingPlanning Permit70 Hughes Crescent DANDENONG NORTH VIC 3175

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