Infringement Payment

To pay an Infringement, you will need to enter the infringement number. This unique number can be found at the top of your infringement notice.

Please note:
  • If any details on the infringement are incorrect, please do not pay via this system. Write the correct information directly on the notice and return the entire notice, together with your payment to Council in person or by post..

  • If paying via this system, please ensure that the correct information is entered and double check the reference number is used is the same as what is listed on your notice. Council will not be responsible for incorrectly entered information.

  • The infringement may include further charges if the infringement has passed it's original timeframe for payment and is not yet at Court.

  • If your infringement is at court it will not appear here - you must contact the Infringements Court on 9200 8222 for more information.

  • You cannot request a review of an infringement via this site. To apply for a review of an infringement notice refer to our web page Parking Infringements
Example Infringement